Bowling Leagues

2018 Spring/Summer Leagues

The 2018 Spring/Summer league sign ups have started!

You don’t have to be a seasoned bowler to join a league. Our league coordinator will make certain that you are placed in the appropriate league for your skill level. Social, beginners, scratch, ladies and mixed leagues are all available at Danville Bowl.

Anyone can create a league with a minimum of 16 people and a minimum of 12 weeks, it’s easy and fun to do! A group of coworkers, classmates, couples, even your softball team!!

We will create a perfect league for you or sign you up for the perfect league to fit your style!

Call 925-837-7272 for details and ask for Justin or Steve

E-mail us at


Leagues Available to join :

MLB League…6:30 PM…Mixed teams of 4…started 4/4

Tuesday Summer Rushers…6:30 PM…Mixed teams of 4…started 5/29

Wednesday Jr/Adult…6:30 PM…Mixed teams of 4…started 6/6

Thursday Summer Seniors…12 Noon…mixed teams of 3…started 6/7

Thursday Summer Keglers…7 PM…mixed teams of 4…started 6/7

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